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Trigons with fish and mushroom filling

Trigons with fish and mushroom filling

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Finely chop the mushrooms and crush them in butter and olive oil until all the liquid disappears. Drain the canned tuna and chop with a fork. Add the drained mushrooms, sour cream, salt, pepper, paprika and chopped greens.

Take a sheet of pie, grease it with oil, cover it with the second one, also grease it, add the third one. It is cut lengthwise into three strips. Place on each of the filling and wrap in triangles. Repeat until the composition is complete.

Good appetite!

How to make Easter with shaped cheese? How to make the braided edge and the cross of dough?

I took the leavened dough out of the bowl (on the lightly floured work table) and kneaded it lightly for 30 seconds. I weighed it: approx. 650 g of dough. It is very important to know this because we will have to divide it into 3 (unequal) parts: 250 g for the base, 300 g for the woven border and another 100 g for the cross above.

  • Base part (250 g) I stretched it into a disc with a diameter of approx. 28 cm. My shape is 24 cm in diameter so the base sheet will climb on its walls (about 2 cm).
  • From a piece of 300 g of dough for the border I made 2 long simple (cylindrical) strings with a length of approx. 60-70 cm each that we twisted together.
  • From the last 100 g of dough I shaped the cross for Easter. From 70 g of dough I made a long twisted string of approx. 20 cm and from the remaining 30 g one of about 10 cm (arms of the cross). You can also make a large cross with equal arms (you can see that we made both models).

I wallpapered the bottom of the form with baking paper (in my case 2 shapes 24 cm in diameter, with removable walls). If you use a saucepan then it should be wallpapered on the walls with baking paper. You can also use 26 cm diameter shapes, but the Easter will come out a little flatter.

I then put the dough disk for the base and made sure that its edges go up about 2-3 cm on the walls of the form. Then I placed the woven wreath (border) and arranged it so that it would stick well to the edge of the form and to the dough base.

Pie with meat and mushrooms

Put the flour in a bowl, add the egg, butter, sour cream, salt and then mix all the ingredients by hand until you form a dough. If necessary, add a little more water and a little flour. Form a ball of dough that you put in a plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

For the filling, put a pan on the fire, add oil, minced meat (pork mixture with beef) and leave it for a while until cooked and then season with salt and pepper.

Add dried thyme, finely chopped garlic, chopped onion and stir again.

When the onion has softened, add the mushrooms and leave until cooked.

Then remove from the heat and place the meat and mushroom mixture in a bowl and allow to cool slightly.

In a larger bowl, add the mixture of meat and mushrooms, eggs, sour cream, parsley and diced cheese. Mix everything well.

Sprinkle the flour on the worktop and spread the dough prepared earlier and leave to cool.

Cut the edges of the dough, wrap the rolling pin and transfer it to a tray lined with baking paper.

Place the filling in the middle of the dough (long) and, with the help of your palms, shape the filling. With a serrated roll, cut the side portions of the dough into strips until close to the filling and then form braids. Ideally, the dough strips should cover the meat well, so that there are no gaps between them. Grease the pie with a beaten egg, sprinkle with seed mix and bake at 180 & degC for 60 minutes.

Pie with meat and mushrooms

Baked minced meat

I had saved Laura Laurentiu's meat burek recipe for about half a year, but I must confess that it wasn't to be, because, when I had stocked up on everything I needed, the surprise! The package of pie sheets in the freezer, which I relied on, turned out to be actually dough (obviously my fault). Therefore, I had in front of me the composition of burek and a dough with which I had to make something. I respected exactly the proportions of the ingredients, I did not add mineral water and I obtained a very tasty composition with which I filled these trine. I devoured them hot, along with a glass of easy-to-drink yogurt. What was left for the next day, I heated them on the oven grill carefully so that they didn't stay cold in the middle. They do not use microwaves, although they heat up faster. In the first picture, you can see in the Christmas tree in the background and the lemon biscuits that decorated the tree.

1/2 pack of dough for pastry
300 g minced beef + pork (I only used beef)
150 g onion
2-3 tablespoons of oil
pepper (I used Garlic, part of the prize from Brandusa and the Spice Shop)
aromatic herbs to taste, I put 1/2 teaspoon of:
& # 8211 dry thyme
& # 8211 two tablespoons of sweet pepper paste Univer Laura uses ajvar pepper paste you can replace with paprika
1 or
50 g sour cream
1/2 tablespoon gray

PREPARATION Chopped minced wheat
1. Thaw the dough and secure a stove tray with baking paper.
2. Put 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan and cook the onion until it becomes glassy.
3. Add and cook the meat + spices and a little salt, stirring constantly, it should not be cooked too much, only until it turns light in color, the blood coagulating.
4. Add the pepper paste or paprika.

5. In a small bowl beat the egg and then beat it with sour cream until smooth. Mix with semolina. Pour the composition over the meat mixture and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly
until the egg coagulates and the filling does not leave the juice, without drying it excessively.

6. Preheat the oven to approx. 200 degrees
7. Spread the sheet of dough on the worktop and divide it into 9 equal squares. Put a tablespoon with the top or more of the meat, as much as possible, grouping one of the halves to fold then and thus obtain a trine.
8. Press the formed triangle with your fingers or the tip of a fork on the two machines so that it adheres side by side and does not fall apart when baked.

9. Transfer to the tray as you pack the wheat.
10. Bake them at a temperature of approx. 200 degrees or whatever you know is good for the pie. Check after 20 minutes. It took me about 30-35 minutes for them to brown.
Liv (e) it!

Ingredients pork tenderloin with mushroom filling in the oven

1.5 kg pork muscle / pork leg

2 tablespoons paprika (sweet paprika) (pork tenderloin wallpaper)

2-3 tablespoons oil / butter (for greased muscle / rolled pork leg)

300 ml white wine + 1 cup water (for the oven dish to cook the pork tenderloin)

1-2 strands of fresh rosemary (for flavor)

salt, ground pepper (pork tenderloin wallpaper)

cotton thread (for tying the muscle / rolled pulp / rolled in the oven)

baking paper (will help roll the stuffed muscle)

For the filling

1 kg fresh mushrooms

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil + a cube of butter

1000 g grated cheese (hard consistency) optional

How to make mushroom filling for pork tenderloin / pork leg

Mushrooms fresh will be peeled (optional) and cut into slices, onion and garlic they will be cleaned and cut into small pieces.

a teflon pan in which it was heated oil and cube of butter it will be put to quality onion chopped (without burning it), then garlic, mixing with a spatula frequently, then added mushrooms, leaving them on a moderate heat until the liquid left drops (about 6-8 minutes) and let them brown a little.

When mushrooms they will start sizzling, it will be added dry white wine, raising the flame on the stove, alcohol evaporating leaving behind the aroma of white wine.

Finally, mushroom filling will season with salt and ground pepper to taste.

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