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Red cabbage salad with veal liver

Red cabbage salad with veal liver

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I put the liver on the electric grill, it can also be made in a pan. Try to use thin slices. Then we cut it into suitable strips.

I cleaned the sweet potato and cut it into cubes; I put baking paper in a large tray; I sprinkled the diced potatoes with olive oil, salt, white pepper and spread it on paper. I put it on high heat until they browned nicely; then we put it to cool on a plate before using it in salad.

I finely chopped the cabbage and in a bowl I mixed with the onion and cucumber and I added salt, a little olive oil and vinegar and let them sit for about 15 minutes, during which time I prepared the rest of the ingredients.

Washed lettuce and arugula finely chopped and add a pinch of salt.

The sauce is made in a special glass or in a jar with a lid: I put all the ingredients and mixed it well, like in a shaker.

At the end I put the mixture with the cabbage and then the lettuce over the meat, I put the sauce and the salad ready.

Liver and salad will (but) that

If you ask me, the best food is the salad grill. Barbecue of anything, with salad of anything. In the present case, from the following:


manufacturer as follows:

Although I started to buy chicken breast for barbecue and salad, why do I find it, and although I also bought chicken, I couldn't help but, sorry, not to take a nice hard piece of veal liver. I had no idea what I was going to do until I got home and I wasn't hungry. Bad. This means that it should have been done quickly and very quickly.

The rush meant cutting the slice of liver into strips of approx. 2 cm (about the same thickness as before), given by a little oil, heated the grill pan, tossed the liver in the pan, left until half white, turned, sprinkled at the end with a good neck of dry white vermouth (and almost nationalist , in the sense of the Bouquet of Moldova, received as a gift). This is to teach you not to come to the house, because you improvise with what you have and it comes out much better.

Until the liver is ready, wash and dry a little vigorously (yes, arugula, arugula & # 8230), dissolve the orange, cut into pieces and mix with each other with balsamic vinegar, oil (cold pressed, not decanted, but it works and olives, if you have one), salt and pepper. Not alone, because I'm not so lazy as to have developed my telekinetic abilities, but with these two little hands.

The liver? Remove from the pan, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Cut, eaten.


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